“Try to Imagine where you could arrive with the right knowledge … that everyone says he has, but nobody is able to deliver it to precisely and quickly when you need it.

Discover how a professional method consisting of simple and practical tools can support you in making your Euro Planning sector accomplish that crucial qualitative leap that you have been always waiting for! “


is a landmark for all the non-profit organizations that want to develop European projects in the field of sport, education and social entrepreneurship.

A concrete and real support that:

  • creates the conditions for all the organizations which want to enter the European Projects sector;
  • supports the growth and development of its members;
  • wishes to activate win-win collaborations with its members.

Dear project manager,

We know how difficult it is for you to find funds and resources for your organization and, in general, solutions to succeed in organizing activities and projects in the best way.
The European Union offers opportunities for this, some of them are very interesting, however it is not always so easy to have visibility and access.

You are afraid that, despite all the time you invest in them, you won’t be able to make them economically sustainable; you don’t have time to write projects (or maybe you do not feel capable of); you are afraid that if all of your projects are approved, you won’t be able to coordinate them by yourself; you don’t know where to look (or you do not have time) to stay updated on all funding opportunities; or maybe in the past you have found unreliable partners, you don’t always manage to select participants for your projects, or you have taken part in low quality projects without any real impact.

Many organizations in this field work superficially; they are not structured; do not respond to e-mails; pay little attention to the selection of participants; are not specialized in one specific topic but adhere to any type of project, only to obtain grants without being able to guarantee any kind of quality or social impact.


Work in the field of Euro Planning in an organized, simple and effective way

Have within every organization a sector dedicated to European Projects that doesn’t take time and resources away from other areas

Build a solid partnership that can generate many opportunities of growth, expansion and development


  • Help and support our members to submit at least 10 projects for each organization
  • Coordinate directly between 8 and 10 Erasmus Plus projects in the field of Youth / Adult Education / Sport and we are partners in at least twice as many projects;
  • Offer more than 60 international training opportunities to our educational staff;
  • Host 4-8 people from abroad thanks to the programs Solidarity Corps and Erasmus for Young Entrepeneurs


  • L’Orma is an educational agency that combines the European experience with a deep and structured local presence.
  • We work only in the field of of Sport, Education and Social Entrepreneurship.
  • We are eager to support our members’ growth to structure lasting partnerships
  • We want to learn new things with energy, enthusiasm, and professionalism.
  • In our team, the international professionals speak your language (hello, ciao, hola, salut, olá, helló, привет, cześć, привіт).
  • Our organisation is proactive and reactive: we answer immediately and with quality to the requests that come to us


  • In the last 2 years Champions Factory has been partner in 3 international projects coordinated by L'Orma. We recommend working with L'Orma, and their method "Effective Planning", as their team is composed with experts in the field of sport management, sport training, youth activities and many more and they would always do their best to support you to reach beyond your goals.

    SHIRIN AMIN General director and European Projects Manager of CHAMPIONS FACTORY
  • I have had the opportunity to collaborate with L'ORMA in many projects and I can say that it has always proved to be an excellent partner: their managers, during the planning pahse as well as the implementation, have always given us prompt, precise and timely answers.

    AGA LEŚNY President and Project Manager of PRACOWNIA NAUKI I PRZYGODY
  • I have often seen L'ORMA in action in the implementation and dissemination of international projects and I can say that they have achieved surprising results, activating territorial synergies for the continuation of the project even after the European grant.

    IGOR LISIN Head of project department of FUNDACJA UKRAINA
  • Despite the great commitment at local level and the many international projects in which ORMA is involved, I have always appreciated the quality of their "Effective Planning" methods in designing, writing and implementing the various activities of the international projects organized.

    IOANNA MIRTO Project coordinator of ACT ART
  • I have been collaborating with L'ORMA for some years now, I have contributed to their entry into the Erasmus Plus program, and I have always appreciated their entrepreneurial approach to this sector, which combine both high professionalism and dream/visionary sides.

    ROBERTO SOLINAS President and European Project Director of MINE VAGANTI NGO
  • I have been organizing and implementing international projects with L'ORMA for many years and I have always been very satisfied. The European Planning of the ORMA is very well organized, and their method is efficient and easy to apply.

  • After many projects together I can say that L'ORMA is a reliable partner: its participants are always well selected, prepared and very motivated to the topic of the project.

    DARJA DJATSENKO President and Project Coordinator of YOUTH ACTIVE CLUB



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